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Principals of Forgiveness for Christians
2 Timothy 4:14-17

This sermon is about Christian forgiveness and does not apply to God's forgiveness for those who are not saved. To Those whose names are not under the Blood covenant of Calvary's Lamb. They only have to realize that their sins will send them to hell unless they repent of their sins and ask Christ to come into their hearts after which they will be forgiven and their names will be written in the Lamb's book of life in heaven. Repentance is Godly sorrow for sin. They need to call out for the Lord to have mercy on them and to save them for Jesus sake. If this is done in earnest God will save them! Romans 10: 9-10 & Romans 10:13.

After a person is saved however the system of forgiveness is somewhat different. There seems to be quite a bit of misconception concerning the subject of a christian forgiving a person who wronged them so I want to address the issue in this sermon. God never instructed His people to practice automatic forgiveness and to forget sins committed against them without the guilty party asking for forgiveness; contrary to the proclamation of many preachers and teachers of our time.  An attitude of forgiveness should always be in the heart of every born again believer however as we will mention later in the sermon.


(1)- Unrepentant evil should be exposed but only with a prayerful attitude.
2-Timothy 4:14-17. This doesn't mean Christians have a right to proceed with a gossip colume as we often encounter. When you gossip about other people and especially another child of God, you are opening yourself up to  satan's desires because God said he came to kill, to destroy and to cause division among brethren.

(A)- The Apostle Paul identified some people by name and punishment from God was prayerfully requested.
2- Timothy 4:14- "Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works":

(B)- In another scripture the guilty persons were identified and punishment was suggested.
1-Timothy 1:20- "Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander whom I have delivered unto Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme".
This is pretty strong language toward those who wronged the Apostle Paul and christians should always have an attitude of forgiveness toward those who wrong them. Paul said in 2-Timothy chapter 4:16- "At my first answer no man stood with me, but all men forsook me: I pray God that it might not be laid to their charge".
God's word teaches that we should always be ready to forgive those who are candidates for forgiveness but there is no admonition for a blanket forgiveness to people who continually do God's people wrong. We should pray for their salvation and ask the Lord to protect us from the evil.

(2)- Biblical Instructions are to cut off fellowship and to reprove evil workers.
Ephesians 5:11- "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them".
This is a very different concept from "turning the other cheek" as many Pastors and Teachers tell their people from the New Testament books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John but the Apostle Paul in his writings to the New Testament Church gave us guidelines for christian forgiveness pertaining to the body of believers. Paul was chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself to give biblical instructions for the Church. That doesn't mean there is a double standard but the early New Testament books were primarily written to the house of Israel. Jesus said so in Matthew 23:37- "O'Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered you under my wings as a hen doth her chicks but ye would not". Jesus started out teaching, "Turning the other cheek" which was a warning to Judaism that had digressed to the point where they wanted to exact revenge for every thing in which they felt they were wronged and Jesus told them that this wasn't always the answer for offenses committed against them. We are instructed to be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove. We are also instructed to let God fight our battles for us in the spiritual realm. That isn't to say that you are to let harm come to your family without taking action to defend them!

(3)- Christians should pray that God will remove and punish unrepentant evil workers.
2-Timothy 4:14- "The Lord reward him according to his works".

(4)- Christians are warned to keep an eye on those who practice evil.
2-Timothy 4:15- "Of whom be thou ware also".
The warning is to keep one's eyes on him and to mark him. The Greek word for Ware is foo-las'so which means to keep an eye upon him lest he escape. To guard one's person that he might remain safe. It carries the same thought that one would have if he spotted a poisonous snake and realized that he needed to keep an eye on him lest he be bitten unaware!

(5)- Christians are warned to be aware that evil workers will continually practice evil.
2-Timothy 4:15- Alexander- "Greatly withstood our words". He tried to tear down what God's Preacher was preaching! There are many like that today and God will bring people like that into judgement! Those Arab people in the middle east continually do eberything in their power to hurt Israel. They can't be given a turn the other cheek attitude from Israel unless Israel want's to have their wives and children murdered!

If we practice a love all relationship and overlook evil at all times, we are headed for heartaches and hardships as we serve the Lord! We don't render evil for evil but we ask the Lord to separate us from and deliver us from evil. Jesus didn't ask the heavenly Father to take christians out of the world but to protect them from evil in the world.


2-Timothy 4:10-16- We find a group of those in verse 10 who need prayer.
(1)- Pleasure Lovers- need prayer.
v. 10- "Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world".

(2)- The Dissatisfied- need prayer.
v. 10- "Cresens departed to Galatia".

(3)- Gadabout preachers- need prayer.
v. 10- "Titus departed to Dalmatia".

The scripture admonishes us to always have a forgiving attitude if the person repents and ask for it. 2 Tim. 4:16.
(a)- Pray for those who ignored the Gospel ministry: "No man stood with me".

(b)- Pray for those who forsook the Gospel ministry: "All men forsook me".

(c)- Pray that God will not record it against them:
2- Timothy 4:16- "I pray that it may not be laid to their charge".

2-Tim. 4:11-13
(1)- v. 11- "Only Luke is with me".
(2)- v. 11- "Take Mark, and bring him with thee for he is profitable to me for the ministry".
(3)- v. 12- "And Tychicus have I sent to Ephesus".

People who do small task like Tychicus who went for Paul's cloak and the written manuscripts are praised in 2-Timothy 4:13- "Bring my cloak but especially the parchments". Christian workers who seem to be very insignificant in their service might very well be the most rewarded in God's sight. Obedience is always better that sacrifice!


Notice in these verses that God deals differently with Evil Workers like Alexander the Coppersmith than He does with Indifferent Workers who are members of the body of Christ. God doesn't Expect Christians to be so wimpy that they overlook evil deeds done to them by haters of Almighty God. We are to mark them as one would a poisonous snake. We should steer clear of them lest we be bitten with their hatred or wounded by their venomous attitude. One thing we need to remember however is that God never forgives sin until the guilty party repents of it and ask to be forgiven. Christians are admonished however in other scripture, to be tenderhearted, forgiving one another as God for Christ sake has forgiven us. We need to follow the principals mentioned in this sermon if we want to rightly divide the word of God. Be ready to forgive with a compassionate heart when the situation warrants it.

By James Tyson Sr.