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Things God can not do
Titus 1:2 and Hebrews 6:18

Someone once said that God could do anything he wanted but that is not all together true. God's very nature guarantees that he will always be the same. I want to speak to you today on some things that God can not do!

(1)- God can't lie about redemption.                                                                          
Titus 1:2- "In hope of eternal life, which God that cannot lie, promised before the world began".

Many people thought that God only spoke about eternal life after Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice at Calvary but redemption for mankind was on the mind of God  before Genesis chapter one. God never went into anything haphazardly like many of us often do. He knew the end from the beginning. A true saying I once heard a preacher say, was: "Has it ever occurred to you that nothing ever occurred to God"? God is Omniscient which means that he is all knowing. He knows our thought from afar off. He knows who will be saved and who will reject his grace. He even knows from the mothers womb, what decision the baby will make concerning accepting God's grace. I reject the thought that all children go to heaven before some unknown age of accountability. David said in Psalms 51:5- "Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and In sin did my mother conceive me" which means that he was a sinner before he was born. We should recognize what the scripture teaches about having an inherited sin nature from Adam. Romans 5:12- "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned"; Then we must realize that we are all sinners and unless provision is made to place those sins under the blood of Christ, there is no hope of eternal life regardless of a persons age. That doesn't mean that God sends all young children to hell either! I believe those results are according to God's foreknowledge. 1 Peter 1:2- "Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied". We don't have that foreknowledge but God does! God knows what decision a child will make concerning repenting of his or her sins and asking Jesus Christ into their hearts. Many will be saved and some will go out into eternity without Christ because they rejected God's grace. It can't be any other way if we weigh scripture against doctrinal truth!

(2)- God can't lie about eternal security for those who are saved.    
Hebrews 6:18- "That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us"
The word consolation is the Greek word par-ak'-lay-sis which means a solace. In other words; you can rest on it! There is a song with the wording; "My soul hath found a solace there" Speaking of the keeping power of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
I am glad that  Almighty God gave us the assurance that He would keep us saved, once we trusted Him! I feel sad for those religions who teach their followers that they have to maintain a certain measure of good works in order to finally make it to heaven! Paul said in 2-Timothy 1:12- "I know in whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day". It is God who does the keeping and we are dealt with as children but if we sin against him he will chasten us in order to get us back on tract but never will he remove us from his  saving grace!

(3)- God can't lie about the consequences of sin.
John 12:48- "He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day".
God will not excuse your sin for any reason like some religions teach! Your sin must be judged in the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ or you will have to pay for them yourself in hell.

(4)- God can't lie about sin breaking fellowship.
(A)- Sin separates you from fellowship with God.
(B)- Sin severs your prayers from reaching God.
Isaiah 59:2-
"But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear".

If you think that you can cover up your disobedience to God's word as a christian and get your prayers answered; you are wrong. If you think that you can have sweet fellowship with the Lord through the Holy Spirit that lives within you while there is unconfessed sin in your life; you are dead wrong!

(5)- God can't lie about chastisement for Christians who continue in sin.

Hebrews 12:8- "But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons".
One old North Carolina mountain preacher said from the pulpit that he was down at Bob Jones University the other day and he heard one of their preachers boys say that the verse was translated; "illegitimate children" and he went on to say that his King James bible called them bastards and as far as he was concerned that is what they are! I say, Amen to that and again Amen!

Psalms 119:8- "Forever O Lord thy word is settled in heaven".
(1)- when God gives us the plan of salvation; it is not his word plus our thoughts. It is either God's way or none at all. Like one preacher said, God will be lord over all or not at all and with that I agree.

(2)- When God tells us how to organize the worship service; it is not God's word plus our thoughts. Women preachers are not a new revelation from God nor will he allow us to ordain them into the ministry as we are seeing more and more these days. Every time my wife and I turn on the TV and seek some uplifting gospel preaching, we have to by-pass a multitude of shouting women who claim they are ordained ministers. I beg your pardon but it just isn't so and God will not recognize them as such!
(3)- When God said in Romans chapter one that Homosexuals are sinners and some religious leader makes a statement that God will accept them just as they are and even ordain some of them into the gospel ministry; please don't think for a moment that God is going to accept that; no not in a million years! God doesn't change his mind or his word!


Hebrews 8:12- "For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more".

When a person places his or her sins under the blood of God's own son; they can never be brought back up against us again! That is the best news I ever heard! Thank God for Calvary; I don't live in that old house anymore as the old song so graciously reveals!


(1)- Friend, are you saved by God's marvelous grace?
(2)- Are you sure that your home is in heaven if you died this very minute?
(3)- If you are not sure, you need to repent of your sin which means that you are sorry for your sin and ask Christ to forgive you and to come into your heart to live from this day forward. When you do this, you need to join a group of bible believing people and present yourself for believers baptism before the fellowship after which time you can study God's word and grow into a mature Christian. If you are saved but out of fellowship with the Lord; He welcomes you with open arms as you forsake your sin and ask for renewed fellowship and get your prayer life back on track.

By James T.Tyson Sr.

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